Thursday, March 27, 2014

a beautiful Beauty post

wanted to start my post with a throw back to this picture
 my hair by: Mina Youssefi
my makeup by: Catherine Crump
and the amazing Cavalli dress

there is so much work that goes into beauty, and looking great
and having the right team of people is extremely important,yes! 
but there are so many other things and details that we have to do ourselves, things that can just make big differences

It is a little difficult to adress everybody, becasue we are all diffferent and i cant give beauty advices for everyone so the best solution would be for me to tell you what I DO

-my simple details-

this is the full set of all the brushes that i use

3 different teasing combs, depending on the fullness of the tease you want
the very thick teasing comb is also good for when you want wear your hair-up, you can catch the little freeze hair on the sides with it-

in this picture-you can see how the sides are all nicely tucked in, the thick comb really helps with that
so that you don't have to go to a Hair stylist when you want a quick updo

the one on the left: is for self blowdrying
the right: is when i have tangled hair, so easy to comb it though with this one

all the procduts that i put on my hair as an extra care and shine
Living Proof by Chris McMillian( the owner of the hair salon that i go to in Beverly Hills) and Jennifer Aniston, the products are just amazing, Altena products are always amazing, Bb shine spray is the best, Prive i started using very recently but very happy

my FAV FAV FAV, hair spray
would never switch to some other brand
if you buy the Spray and Stay line- it does make the hair very hard and thick, good to know but thats what i want especially for updos

I only use Maybelline mascara
sometimes switch between different ones they come up new, but its always just the BEST

i use so many different brands of fake Eye Lashes- I am addicted to fake eye lashes:)))
this is a new one i discovered recently, so far so good!

since i never sun tan or go out in the sun whatsoever, sometimes with some outfits you just gotta have a TAN, so i go to DermaBlend!!!
Boscia nose strips for the pores is amazing
once a week, makes all the difference for me
nose strip time
hand lotion and body lotion, every night right before going to sleep

my veryyy organized Make-up case

and my main Nail colors that i mostly wear, Butter London

from beauty products to a beauty day:

i am a spa junkie LOL
(there are really good spa recommendations on my previous posts)

this new one, is the one i tried couple weeks ago

The SPA at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel

the view of the Pacific ocean is absolutely spectacular
 SPA entrance

 i am so ready for this, with my Victoria's Secret yoga pants and Pink top

 Lounging room
treatment room
 ok, so the treatment that i picked for the day was:

California Citrus Body Polish

California Citrus Body Polish
60 minutes
Fresh lemon verbena and gentle buffing grains are creatively blended with extracts of ruby grapefruit and blood orange to elicit the emergence of fresh new cells. A soothing Vichy waterfall shower and a hydrating cream finish preserve the moisturizing benefits.

Balance-Renewing Services for a Soothing Escape
Indulge in a variety of luxury treatments inspired by the sea at The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Laguna Niguel. By addressing the individual needs of each guest with comprehensive programs, our resort offers self-indulgence at its best. All therapies are authentically designed to nurture body and mind, enliven the spirit, and uncover nature’s beauty – providing a blissful return to balance. Here, essential elements from the ocean bring life, well-being, and new beginnings in the presence of rich minerals, sea salt, algae, and water. This is the unique foundation that sets the tone for every escape – pure benefit, pure results.

Waterfalls are said to have negative IONS in them
a very important point i think!

-heres is the link for a very interesting read about the negative IONS that a waterfall would contain 

I like the waterfall pressure effect but its good to know exactly what it is about before doing it i think...

 after my treatment, cozy and warm and happy

 nice snacks

Overall experience:
I like body polishes because it stimulates the cells and causes metabolism to run faster
also the waterfall high water pressure is always good 
but as far as the SPA itself, i can not say that its one of my favs:(
it was OK but not OMG


picture mix:

 no Make-up

 rockin the Red Carpet at the annual Cedar's Sinai Women's Guild GALA

 how can you not love this face
 chic mom and the well behaved pup having lunch in ASPEN

 she wants her belly to be rubbed; RUB my Belly MOM

Paris, launging at the St REGIS in ASPEN

 Chris McMillan Salon, Beverly Hills
hair color time!

 Beverly Hills casual

 maxed out!!!
break from shopping after this

definitely maxed!!!
at the Louis Vuitton store

 love this picture of mine

My very dear friend Laura Baratta hosted a beautiful fundraiser luncheon at her beautiful home benefiting CHOC, Children's hospital

some of the guests decorated tables for Laura event

everybody did a great job
and of course I did a table too
here are the pics

 Laura's tabel was Mc Kenzie&Childs theme

and my PUrPLE table

busy girl picture:
getting ready for an upcoming photo-shoot
it will be sooo exciting!!!

Thank You for reading my BLOG
sending everybody best wishes

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