Friday, April 26, 2013

Gala s, Wedding s, Shopping s...and greasy food... LOL

Beverly Wilshire Hotel

I have been away for a long time :(((

Thank you for all your messages and support!

Finally on a law tuesday night i found the time to concetrate and write my BLOG and tell you all about what has been going on lately...

where to start?

Lets start from the AMAZING John Wayne Cancer Institude annual Gala

It was at the Beverly Wilshire HOTEL, which is totally magnificent!

if you have seen the movie Pretty Woman- who hasn't right:)
thats the Hotel that it was filmed at...

When Julia Roberts was walking in the lobby back from her shopping spree at Rodeo Drive, ahhh FAB!

i couldnt find the picture for that scene- but heres another one, 
where they are leaving Beverly Wilshire Hotel for the OPERA in San Fransicso

I think i have seen this movie like 30 times LOL

so anyways the Gala was an amazing night-the entairtainment was by Rachael MacFarlane( American Dad, Family Guy)

and Lots of donation from supporters, especially during the live auction!

I want to talk about the Institude- because their work and research on cancer is so remarkable- very happy to support this cause...I beleive that all of us; one way or abother affected by this horrible disease...families... loved when its time to show and give back to this kind of resarch i am very willing to be a part of it...

if you are interested and to learn more heres thir web site:

I was one of the attendies on the tip sheet
always fun to do the Red Carpet!

I am so loving my look! my stylist did a great job
dress: Roberto Cavalli
shoes: Christian Louboutin
clutch: Nordstrom
necklace: from Istanbul
fur jacket: Guy Laroche, Paris

My hairstylist Mina did my hair- A FAB updo!

my secret is that we add this little bump on the top for the pony tail
I loveee that style
next time for this updo- i will have my sides pulled back even tighter-so that the bump would look more significant!

my make up is by Melanie
she is with Sephora
some of the girls there are just fantastic thats why i actually take time to drive over there and get it done!


so after this Glamourous event- i had my Tommy's Burger craving which is almost always...
Tommy's Burger is this little corner place- well right now they made it into a big chain restaurant :)
but i like the original location which is in LA close to downtown-where it all started

i never drive there myself, its always with my friends so honestly i still don't know the exact adress but everybody knows Tommy's Burger in LA
easy to find out!
its always open 24/7

and you will see limousines pulled up people in gowns and tuxedos eating the most delicious greasy food in the world

Chili Fries

dont i always say that my easting habits can get really out of control:)


I had to take off my 6 inch Louboutins- 
normally i would never post a picture like this but i have to give you the full picture of what went down there;)
still rockin my Cavalli Dress!

Speaking of dresses, i have been on a mission, literally like on a gown mission!
this very imp. i need to go a very important event very soon and
been looking for the right Gown
you know the feeling- it just has to be the right one

so, good news is i finally found the one:)
but not going to reveal it yet
until i wear it on the actual day but lets take a look at the ones i went through 


this Pink dela Renta Gown was one of the front runners
its really Fabulous

this is the RUNWAY look of LANVIN
to wear green and purple at the same time
isn't is that just FASCINATING
very HIGH fashion


ok, so this ZAC POSEN gown; i was so sure that it was going to fit great-but that was not the case
still loved it tough

In the quest for the perfect Gown i found my new; the perfect day time maxi dress designer:

its a Spanish brand-first time i saw it, was at Bloomingdales- i will look into it more
this maxi dress is FAB!

i am on it!!!
 the LV check dress
another Marc Jacob genius creation
its everything!

well, they didn't have the one i wanted yet 
which is the yellow check short dress ( V Neck)
when it comes in which will only be 5 in the US for size 34
one will be mine YAYAYAY
(bought the shoes in the meantime)


Neiman Marcus had a private showing with Christian Siriano, whom i loveeeee
He is a great desginer
I love everything he makes:)

this is from his spring 2013 collection
lovinnnnnnnnn the colors

the pink polkadot jacket from his spring 2013 collection
make sure to check his designs out
great for this spring season!!!

Christian Siriano is making a custom order for me!
it will be coming soon
will keep you posted! definitely

This LOVELY Wedding Setting is for my friend Michelle's mom Suki and her husband

that i went to last weekend
it is most definitely one of the greatest weddings i have been to
everything was so tasteful and elegant...

sometimes, some weddings can go crazy with the beads and the decorations and the over bearing details

Michelle did a great job- as she helped a lot to her mom
it was so neat and chic and classy

I love classy elegance

I have many pictures of the Bride and the Groom- but wanted to keep their privacy, cant post them sorry...but they looked AMAZING, a great-in love couple

this is my friend Michelle- that you remember from my previous POST's
she is FABULOUS always... but she was extra FABULOUS for her moms wedding

her dress is GUCCI
earrings and he necklace is GUCCI as well

i cut myself off of this picture bec i looked horrible:)))

you might remember this dress- Cameron Diaz wore it- but sorry CAM, my friend Michelle rocked it!!!

the wedding was at Michelle's California home, so here are some pictures of her lovely decorations:

how FAB is Michelle's formal dining room

ok so, hereswhat i have been obsessed with lately:

getting BLING BLING nails

decorating Brunch goodies

actually using my Antiques

putting on this amazing make-up setting spray
( one time right in the middle of the make-up
second time right after the make-up)

my new NARS lip gloss, wearing this color everyday- called Larger than Life, Brilliant A Levres

Make-up forever, shimmer eye shadow
this one i use for the inside ends of my eyes
looks adorable

constant make-up buying!

 keeping my cabinets extremely neat
( i dont drink alcohol but loveee collecting glasses)

i am a complete neat freak!

loving my CHANEL bracelet, new!!!

this is Paris saying: can you please pick me up mommy

 this is an incredible book that my friend from Paris gave me as a gift!
Thank You Rodolphe

so true

 shopping at Bvlgari, way too much!!!

this was a great photo shoot!
my blue top is from Greece, loveee

Paris: Thanks for reading my mom's BLOG

facebook: berilakcay
instagram @berilakcay


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