Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Private PLANE- Ski MANSION and MORE...

this picture is from the latest Pacific Symphony concert
"love my outfit"
 PRADA dress
Christian Louboutin nude pumps

ok, so back to the TOPIC:

My lovely friend Michelle invited me to her amazing Ski Mansion in Steamboat, COLORADO

What a wonderfull!!! trip

I will tell you all about it

as usual lets start from the day of packing, right!

 first, i like to lay everything on the bed...

 I am taking my Damier LV Luggage as a carry on

 my gifts for Michelle and for her house and my sporty shoes

 I love winter stuff- this will be more like spring skiing but i still packed warmly ;) Thank GOD

 my CDC HERMES belt, i believe the color is etain

 my HERMES Jumping boots in etoupe

 my FURLA hat, loveee this hat

 Burberry earmuffs, sooo cute

 some of the accessories i am taking

 the brushes that i am taking

i will be gone for 3 i guess this will be enough
which never is LOL

so, I arrive in Steamboat and OMG such a small westerntown,

so peaceful so amazing
so picturesque

Steamboat Downtown
before heading to the house- quick stop at a local market- everything is Organic- it was GREAT!!!

First night we went out to this restaurant called LAUNDRY

 very cozy, ski mountain type of place
if you are EVER in Steamboat you just have to go there!

BEST food i have had since Argentina ( i was in Argentina this last Christmas and gained like 4 pounds,,,i think that explains it all LOL )

Anyways sometimes its very hard to find this kind of taste in Southern California-
everything tasted DELICIOUS in COLORADO

you know what the secret is- it was very well prepaired- not some trendy place where food is pretentious but nothing is really special- you know what i mean right!

well... at Laundry everything was specially could just tell...

 look at this pickle jar that we ordered...OMG to die for

 the steak was legendery- with the sauce underneath it, ah!!!

friesss, yummm
-ok, i really want you to go try it- so this is all i will tell right now..;)

this was my outfit for that night

DOLCE & GABBANA blue top
RALP LAUREN riding pants
HERMES jumping boots
HERMES necklace


 i am always organized no matter where i go...

 my room, it was so cozy... most comfortable i have ever been staying at somebody's house

 next day, Michelle with Paris

I had to put my HERMES BIRKIN in this becasue it was snowing that day :)
great solution

 my outfit: the vest i am wearing is a very special FOX Fur

so that day Michelle and I were like- "maybe instead of skiing we should walk arond a little bit...explore the town..."

which we did and guess what we explored an AMAZING Fur shop:

A store with a lot of SOUL... that is the best way to describe it
its not just some fur shop- the collectibles the decore- everything
OMG i never see stores like this in LA

Michelle and i went completely crazy- not just shopping but we were having so much fun- unbelivable

Michelle bought those for her house

FUR Teddys

great store- i had incredible time!
i look damn good in this :)


 crem Brule- this is what i had that night

people who know me personally, knows that my eating habbits can be horrible sometimes or maybe even often
 hence, the breakfast that i had the next morning, this is insane

 Thank GOD, i have skied after this crazy breakfast
burned off some calories

Michelle really helped me a lot with my ski fear
-I have been skiing for years but one day i just got so scared- literally i couldn't ski anymore
...rescue team came up and picked me up at the slopes in Utah,
it was that bad   :(...

but with Michelle I was able to start very slowly...just enjoying it and got more and more comfy...Spring skiing is definately the way to go...


For the very last night we decided to stay in
and order pizza
and watch a movie
and do some facial while watching the movie

how great is that!!!

since the pizza place didn't have delivery- we had to go pick it up ourselves

the name of the place is Blue Sage Pizza
it was phenomenal!

Michelle is holding all the pizza

our eating habbits are out of control!!!

 pizza is set the movie is set ( The DUDE- its a fun movie)

time for the facial

its this a ready to use facial mask that Michelle gets from the Korean Store

oh, felt so good!
we kept it on for 40 minutes than finished it off with REN oil free moisture- lotion

ah what a trip...
it was a great getaway for heading back to LA so much stuff is waiting for me, 
work work work

before we leave heres some pics of the house

there is a fireplace in every corner
Ladybug...Lovee her

view from my room


bye bye Steamboat!

 our luggage for 3 days, LOL

 Michelle is about get on the plane with her babies

 this is the cutest picture EVER!
Pilots are flying our dogs
They are so high maintenance LOL

 Michelle's boots are Prada- mine are Sergio Rossi
and we are just sooo comfortable!

Michelle is on her mini i PAD, she is so gorgeous!

my Bluejean BIRKIN, was with me the whole trip- its an amazing bag- goes with everything
Love u Birkin


BOX circle 
Segerstrom Arts Center
had to post this picture becasue of my GORG eyebrows :)
check it out!!!
(I have an earlier post on my BLOG about how i do my eyebrows)

Thank You for reading my BLOG

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lots of love

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