Thursday, March 14, 2013

My new BABY!

i got a puppy ( the doctor just weighed her- 2.5 LBS)


she is the cutest thing ever

her name is PARIS

i just loveee her, its like i don't understand how could i love her so much

well, thank God i do because Puppies are just like babies...

i have to take care of her 24/7

Thanks to Katrina ( my assistant) she helps me a little bit
- with the feeding and the potty training
-also no way i can take her with me everywhere i go...and if she is alone for more than 15 minutes hell breaks loose...she goes crazy...

she has to have company at all times, and a very clean area, with lots of toys

very high maintenance...what can i say...just like her mommy

cant blame her  LOL

I have her on wet food now...might switch to dry food after 5 months... now she is a little over 3 months.

December 8 2012 is her birthday, awwwwww

as far as the potty training that has been the hardest.

my goal is to have her go on the grass when we are outside and go on the small pee pad area when we are at the house...Challenging

my cat- oh yes i also have a 13 year old cat- she is so not happy with all the attention Paris is getting...
my cat Mr. Biggles

why is it so easy with cats to potty train and impossible with DOGS, why why why?

Paris is a munchkin, i mean really thats her breed...very rare...i think its also called English Munchkin...well i couldn't really find a lit of info on munchkins but i adore her- so doesn't matter...

I hope she will be with me for ever:)
-since i didn't plan this at all, have to do things in reverse: as, just started to decorate her room and put together her closet...
it will take a while but mommy is on it!

the very first item for her room- the Gold frame mirror...every girl needs the perfect mirror rigth?

the trashcan for her room, adorable!

my outfit choice for her is mostly pink...becasue she is a baby the future we will move on to the designers

 her daily travel bag- i want to make sure she is well trained first...than comes the designer carrying bags!

this is the first one i will get...
GUCCI dog bag, its light and easy and goes with every outfit

  her accessories for now...the collection will grow
 her office blankie

the cleaning supplies that i use in her play area

 her shampoo and conditioner- i wash her 2 times a week...

 this is for her ears

 her pink toys

 her exquisite China  LOL

 this is the dry food that i feed her in between meals...just to get her used to it...

 i clean everything with the gloves on

this is her treat, well actually i have to give it to her at least 3 times a day- as a supplement, but i prefer giving it to her when she does her potty right:)

this means she wants her treat!

 this means she wants to play and be left alone!

this is after her very first bath...LOL

 her doctor's office

she is so yummmmmmmm

 out first trip together to the MALL

because of my 24/7 taking care of the little puppy- my diet is upside down...ruined...disastrous!!!
this is what i have been eating whole week!

well, i usually eat at UMAMI burger-they really have the healthy and fresh low calorie burgers but with fries and a coke
forget it

i will gain so much weight:(((

in the middle of all of this craziness i am doing the final touches on my new book-
(about table decorations)
well, my book is so interactive and unique and fun and just have to see it yourself
Hard to explain in plain words:)

so, my graphic designer Steve and i are working day and night...going over every detail...
you are looking at the first illustration of the cover...Stay Tuned!!!


Altough my shopping life is temporarily on hold because of my new baby

- not complaining but it would have been nice to be able to concentrate with the amazing new spring season a little-
(so far I am dying for the new GUCCI collection- i will go crazy on GUCCI once PARIS is more calm)

but as i was saying- although not many shopping been going on, heres some of the stuff i managed to get :)

 cute earrings

 i loveee Norststorm's Rack

 this is the ultimate teasing comb!!!

 bec. of its special design head- you will get the best results
i always loose mine during photo shoots, so constantly getting new ones

 for hair styling- must haves!!!
again i keep loosing them so its always good to stock up

my new hair conditioner
- i actually use the shine boost of this very line: CAVIAR anti-aging
but the conditioner is new
so far i am veryyy happy

and yes the last
 i got the green lizard leather BVLGARI SERPENTI bracelet
just one is not enough tough in my opinion, should wear at least 2 or 3 together
i will get more colors and post it...

i also got one for my friend as a gift...
hers is lizard in black
i think i will get a black one too...

 BVLGARI is all about the SERPENTI this season...

 my 35cm Vache leather KELLY bag
such a classic, in loveee
I actually like Kelly more than the Birkin however its not as practical
i would say its also more dressy
-the Birkin i can take anywhere-anytime and easier to use...

 i am off to COLORADO, Steamboat for an amazing spring ski trip
will tell all on my next POST
make sure to check it out

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