Saturday, March 2, 2013


after a long day of shooting...
after my Botox and fillers session...
after the pro make-up and hair application...

zero retouch- zero photoshop-zero post production

just me and the lens...

I will be very happy if you like it too, because this is my favorite photo in so many photo shoots, in a long time...

and...what i want to do is to go back- telling the story backwards starting from before the photo shoot to almost 3 weeks ago...

ah, you will love this post!

so here we go:
this is my make-up and hair stylist: Catherine
she is amazing!!!
we have been working together for a long time
of course that is a plus because she knows my face and features very well!
but i always give her specific ideas about what i want for that day...
we did so many looks together: bronze look- extreme dark smokey look- silver eye look- invisible make-up look...those are some of the examples...
for today i wanted the very light purples and pinks simple touch look...

my make-up takes 2 hours
this is my least favorite part
i wanted to post this for a change :)) 
when she has to curl my eye lashes to blend with the fake eye-lashes with the hot curler
makes me so nervous- 
i hate it :((

than comes the hair
first she teased my hair like crazy!
maximum tease :)))
especially for photo shoots i need lots of volume because the hair gets flat so fast under the lights
you need extra!!! volume...
than she curled it

 lovinnn my curls!

 final step: we put lots of lots of extensions on...
my hair looks amazing!!!
great for a photo shoot
i wanted to post this picture especially because of the frizzy part on the hair on the back...
we have to get rid of it before the pictures than it would look so ugly
thats the thing about teased hair; you get lots of frizz so make sure to get rid of it in time!

 sneak peak 
little back stage
i will post the actual pictures after post production!
YAY cant wait!

ok, so before looking this good:)))

i had my yearly BOTOX and FILLERs session 3 weeks before the photo shoot
( which you need at least 2 weeks to really start looking nice)

i was not sure about posting this session of mine on the blog but i get so manyyyyyyyy questions about this and what i do so wanted to share it, because this BLOG is all about sharing my beauty secrets, right??

But, wanted to clear this up before we begin:
This part of the post is only to share what I do...i don't/can't say somebody should get it done or should not get it done...

its a personal decision that you make!

you have to do a great research- you have to make sure you are not allergic or it wouldn't react in a bad way in your have to come up with a budget and decide what is it that you want out of this...

-now thats where I want to talk about my doctor, John M. Anastasatos M.D. in Beverly Hills

John M. Anastasatos, M.D., FACS
Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery
Member American Society of Plastic Surgeons


Place of Birth: New York, NY, USA
Citizenship: United States
Address: 436 North Bedford Drive, Suite 200
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Tel: 310 888 4048
Fax: 310 888 2827

if you start looking for doctors and go in for consultations, STAY AWAY from those who wouldn't listen to you- what you want- what you don't want

now having said that, sometimes they really have a better idea about what you need- so its not because they want to just take your money but sincerely they think you would look better in such ways...

how can you tell the difference is: in my opinion a doctor should listen to you first WITH PATIENCE and than tell you what he/she thinks is best...and than should give you the chance to think about it...and decide...

in right circumstances, with the right doctors, this is a great thing! 
especially for us ladies for a lot of reasons:
wrinkles... the fullness and the radiance of the helps with a lot...

the fallowing steps would be: choosing the material, deciding the amount, deciding the areas...etc...etc...
since this is a very specific matter- i cant give details that would be helpfull for everybody but i will tell you what i get:

BOTOX® (onabotulinumtoxinA)

make sure to read the side effects


Restylane® and Restylane-L® are the only products FDA approved for lip enhancement in patients over 21 years

make sure to read the side effects

my doctor uses BOTOX on my forehead and in between the eye brows
this  would depend on the amount of wrinkles and of coming down that you have...
you might also want to get it even if you don't really have wrinkles as preventative which is in my case...(very subtle but affective looking) so he does mine very moderate.

he uses Restylane on my lips, i personally like Restylane better than the other ones...and have been getting it for over 3 far so good...
on the lips i think one full syringe is a good start...

if you go lower you won't see a lot of results... if you go higher it might not end up looking this is between you and your doc...

I always get one full syringe, aiming for a fuller bottom lip than the upper one

now about the session... i wont get into details


yes: it hurts 

yes: it bruises

yes: its swollen for a while

(nevertheless depends on your never know)

its not my favorite thing in the world...can't lie...

but because of the results and happy days ahead of me i try to bear it:)))

the numbing cream application- it helps a little with the pain

look at the expression on my funny:)

waiting...i am so nervous right now...its beyond...

looking at the sample silicones for breast augmentation :)))
while waiting...

me and Dr. Anastasatos after the procedure...

I decided not to picture the actual procedure...

but you can see my face is a like a balloon right now

i have been going to Dr. Anastasatos for over 2 years now...

my results were not this good before him

he would listen to me at least 15 minutes even before giving an opinion

this is very important
he wants to understand exactly what is it that you want or don't want

I can not Thank him enough!


once you improve the way your face looks with injections 

NOW its time to improve it even better with 


i wanted to do this make-up file post for so long...

so happy that finally its here :))

ok so 

make-up is another extremely broad and infinite subject 

so the best way is to go with specifics

as: the stuff that i personally buy and recommend!

lets take a look:

foundation of makeup is Foundations right!

so for me i would always go for HD foundation-makeup for ever if the best

heres is the trick: i always MIX 2 foundations sometimes even 3

MIX the ones with different purposes to get the best results 

these sponges are the best ones right now, lots of makeup stylists are using them
i think you get the best results with them on the under eye area

heres the trick: apply your under eye concealer with a brush 

than blend it with the these 

very gently 

its very hard to blend the under eye concealer make-up isn't it?
your dark circles repairs most of the time... so far these sponges are good with that

 -very important!

you have to apply primers

for make-up to look more pro... to stay longer...for your lips to not look dry...

there are primers for so many different purposes

these 2 are the ones i bought latest

Koh Gen Do yellow primer basically

before any make-up on the clean skin

Guerlain Lip primer

you should never put your lipstick on without primers 

your lips will get dry and you will have residue on unless you use primer...

-shine, is a very important part of make up

but i am not talking about shine on eyes or on high cheek bones...

its your HIGHLIGHT shine

for your skin to glow- look healthy and nice

this is from Too Faced, very good!

what i do is i take a very small portion just from the middle where its mixed and add it on

my cheeks

heres the trick: apply it on the lover cheeks before the blush after the bronzer 

lately my fav. blush, from ILLAMASQUA

heres the trick: Blush always comes LAST

after the bronzer after the highlighter

speaking of bronzer, you have to apply it

veryyy important

when i say bronzer it does not nessecarily mean shiny tan bronzer but a definer

this one is from Benefit.  it is perfect because its not shiny but it helps me with the 

definition of the cheek bones

heres the trick: use a wide but thin wide brush 

its the best way to define your bones

of course I am a Sephora VIB :)))
-i prefer palettes for eye shadows...

i have to have many color options in front of me to

create my make-up

also i work very messy look at the palettes :)))

this is my fav lipstick lately among all

and my fav:

this make-up drawer case saved my life

you can be organized and be able to see everything!!!

you can never have enough brushes...its so true

i buy more brush than make-up almost

well, it really is very important 

if you apply the product with the wrong brush it takes away it all

now i wish i could show you all my techniques any tricks about brushes and 

applying make-up but posting that would be impossible

i have to make a video of it

but in the meantime
go to Utube and look for make-up videos
some can be very helpful

last but not least heres is the most nail polish that i use for my nails

please stay away from Tacky colors

i have a more detailed post about nails in my previous ones

make sure to check it out:

Hands and Nails, I am the Pro


My mom, whom i love very much has this little phobia of hers: she can not travel on an airplane...seriously... she cant fly...

very bad

-we tried everything...therapy...airplane name it...nothing worked 

and I live like 2 continents away from her
go figure

of course her "shopping" gets limited from time to time from this lack of traveling...

thats where i come in!

well, she wanted a ROUGE 30cm HERMES Birkin Togo for so long;

i was like: ok mom i will get it for you, for your birthday...

 only so many Birkins i am allowed to purchase from the HERMES store that I shop at which is in Beverly Hills

but i wanted get her one instead of myself...


no word from the Birkin

Rouge is actually a tough color to get especially 30 cm ones...

so finally there was the 32cm Geranium color Kelly i was allowed to buy


my mom is not a big fan of Kelly

which i totally knew she was gonna say no, initially

She DID and i am like mom either that one or just forget it!!!

well, she was convinced at the end...

YAY! mission accomplished

this is her lovely KELLY

I am just enjoying it a little before taking to her



-btw i totally posted a pic of me with no make-up on, which is nothing new! 

i always do that...

but wanted to make this note because some people are so mean...
i dont understand it at all:(((

i have no problem posting no make-up "not so good looking pics"

but i get many comments saying that I look very bad without make-up
so many haters...

Guess what- i love me with make-up and without make-up


I love FUR

cant hide it...

i was going through some of the magazines that featured me 

and came across this picture

its a street shot of me in BITTER magazine 

back when i was a blondie (

I just simply want to point out my outfit!

what can you say
except for


my Fur jacket is absolutely FAB!

my Hat is FURLA

my top is ARMANI

my pants are Valentino

my bag is 



Before saying goodbye today

here are some pictures of my favorite accessories and combinations:

Thank you for reading my BLOG

fallow me on INSTAGRAM @berilakcay

and on facebook- berilakcay


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