Friday, February 1, 2013

Hands and Nails! I am the PRO

I am known for this- i take very good care of my hand and nails- AND one can almost never see me without nail polish!

well, I think Nail polish is the most important accessory that you have on. 

That also requires a lot of responsibility- as i hate tacky nail polish colors! yes, i am using the word HATE here...

what is tacky what is not- i wont get into that but just to give an idea- the only colors that i put on my nails are: 

Mocha Grey

thats oranges...or blue...or green...or yellows...

not even French manicure- i find it very old fashioned- prefer solid colors...but its me... some people carry it rather well.

so back to the colors that i prefer- and those colors has to be specific brands- not just any...
today I will talk about the only Burgundy that i like. its from BUTTER London

Butter London  is just amazing!!!
I usually buy it at NORDSTROM'S

they have a huge selection of Butter there...

there is one little trick tough- well Butter is very thick as a nail polish so when i first get it, i drip couple drops of nail polish remover in the bottle and shake it...than let it sit...that way the thickness kind of turns in to this more silky look! my little secret- try it- you will know what i mean!

my silky Burgundy nail color!
 and of course its not only about the Nail polish- its keeping your hands moisturized

but you know what is as important: treating your hands just like you treat your face. in other words when i get peels on my face i get it on my hands too- or if i get oxygen treatments on the face again i get it on my hands too- its like hands are as important as your face- they age very fast and they show age very much-so take good care of them!

not to mention putting lotion on every night before going to sleep- 
this is one of my fav. hand-creams ( i try to use a different one every month to keep it in a cycle) 
its not a good idea to use a lotion over and over and over for have to switch back and forth to get better results...

this month is my CHANEL body excellence month, yay!

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