Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pretty things are the BEST!!!

Table by Youngsong Martin
Like many girls, and guys; I loveee pretty things...

as a matter of fact i love it so much that decided to make a picture book about the prettiest table decorations that I have personally designed!

ah, what a process; making a book is!
I have so many friends asking me for advice and the steps involved...etc.. is not an easy project!!!

and my book that i have been working on for 2 years is still not finished :(((- but one step away from going in the print...which is next month! so keeping my fingers crossed

its called Sofra with Beril Akcay

so extremely!!! unique

because; all of the ideas are 100% original to me and my creations- the pictures are authentic as they are not taken from the internet or anything...all designed by mua...

well, its one cute, pretty, interesting book! when the big day comes its going to be all over so for now- this is all the info i can give:)))

But- wanted to share with you some of the gorgeous table decorations that i got inspired from:

this is an amazing table designed by Neiman Marcus- for a charity event- for the GIRLS INC.

the name of the event was; Hats and High Tea Party
so all the ladies were wearing fabulous HATS
it was Lovely!!! 
my table from the same event- co designed by Youngsong Martin
I have sponsored this table so the China belongs to me-

I actually had to bring all the China needed for that day. which is my 1880's Limoges antique set...

OMG they are so delicate and valuable i was freaking out the whole time :)))
but my guests took amazing care of them, Thank You Ladies...

views of my Limoges set at the house- I watch them like a hawk:)))
they are so old...there are many chipped parts and missing items in the set... 

This is another Youngsong Martin table for the Women of Chapmen Event...Beute!

tables are just sooo lovely!

this is me and Julie Grad from the event- she is the Girls Inc. Guild President 
she was also the hostess for the Hats and Tea Party... at her gorgeous home...

our picture came up in the Riviera Magazine, i love that magazine...very elegant.

it my fav. 

my table got mentioned! YAY!!!

this is when we were cruising around the coast called TURKBUKU in BODRUM
planning to go to South of France for next summer!

when I was going over the pics for the tables, came across some pictures from this last was one nice summer...
3 things to watch out for, when you'r on a yacht: 
-curious patrons of other yachts 
-your own staff
-the paparazzi
just to give you a heads up!!!

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