Monday, February 18, 2013


 What a week!

  I have never been this busy in my life, as:

  my baby: my Book Sofra with Beril Akcay is coming out!!!

 and I am launching a new line- accessories....its not this month but the process has just started...there is quite a bit of work ahead...

I got so many messages from you asking where i have been:) as i was unable to post anything new on the blog for a while...

 so heres the amazing past week! with all the details...

I was one of the Celebrity Attendees for the Pacific Symphony Event:
"Valentine's day With Kenny G"
-the world famous saxophonist- 
concert at the Segerstrom Concert Hall

i luv posing:)

Red Carpet arrivals are so much fun! 
Me and Gretchen (from the Real Housewives of OC) chatting about fashion

I enjoy Red Carpet events veryyy much- 
i can not do it os often as i used too tough bec. of my crazy schecule:((

Iqbal Theba from the hit TV Show GLEE and me, giving interviews

Me, Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley, inside the concert hall, in our box circle

Me and Kenny G.

Kenny G. is the world famous saxophone sensation! He hypnotized the audience with his amazing tunes and performance- it was a great concert

for more information about Kenny G


so now; lets talk about the pre-event a little bit:

my day started with the make-up process... as usual
My fav. make-up artist Vanessa- i got so many compliments on my make-up, it was almost overwhelming:))
she is really good!

these are the main shades she used for the eye make-up
some of the other products she used...
I wish i can give you all the details about the session but it is like a 2 hour session with so many products...
sorry not to be more helpful:(
(but i have an amazing make-up post coming soon)

this is my eye-make up the finale...
I am in love with my own eye make-up at this point...
but look at amazing is this!!!

than my hair...
normally i prefer updo's on the Red Carpet but this time wanted to try something big hair is back in style!!!

look at Kim K. (although this is not a recent pic-she knew it was coming long time ago)
actually she made it popular i think...

YAY for big flawy- flipped back Hair 

my dress for the night is ALAIA
Azzedine ALAIA is the hottest designer right now

rokin ALAIA


from this amazing night, to Park City Utah for a ski weekend getaway

now, lets start from my suitcase- i love packing... allows me to display my organization freak side:)
first thing goes in the suitcase: FURS
ski trips can not be imagined without Fur Jackets
well, these are my 3 Fur Vests...I like vests because they are easier to carry and easier to combine with casual chic looks...

my HOGAN tall boots 
these can be worn tall or a little over the ankle as they can come down

my tall Stuart Weitzman boots...
the exotic leather part is print- i would never ever buy exotic leather in print ONLY booots are the exception

this is my cute sweatshirt! 
Its from Jet Set Beverly Hills
 my friend Burcak Kaya is the owner and creator of the brand- Kitson sells a lot of her designs- make sure to check it out!

I did the bling part of the t-shirt :)
my idea!

my most imp. items for the trip are my amazing HERMES gloves
I loveee wearing gloves, so classy

my pajama slippers, so cute, one of the pon pons is gone tough:(

i love packing the make-up and the beauty stuff
i have everything in the travel sizes that i keep in a separate drawer...
you name sprays...etc...etc...

so when its time to go- pick 'em pack 'em

my Black LV carry on luggage-that nothing fits:)) 

 my cute socks

this is my ultimate travel palette- look at the colors
i love earth colors when i do my own make-up
this nude lip color from NARS is the best for ski trips 
(i wore this the whole time)
it gives this very invisible make-up look

little notes: PARK CITY, UTAH

I have stayed at the Waldorf Astoria
this is the second time i have stayed there,
although my Suite was really nice- i cant say that I am very happy with the overall service this time:((
(maybe it was because of the very crowded weekend)
outside the hotel, its was COLD ( i am from LA  LOL)

the entrance of Waldorf Astoria, veryyy nice!

the view from my Suite

my fav thing in the world is to order room service and stay in!
especially when the weather is like this!!!

one of my dinner outfits...everybody is so causal there:(
even this was like totally standing out...

one night, went to J&G restaurant at the St Regis
i like their truffle pizza a lot, yummmmm
this time i have also tried their bone-in rib eye special
it was good...but, needless to say that the best STEAK i have ever had in my life; was in
Buenos Aires, Argentina

when i first got out of the Airport
i saw the snow and was so happy! (again I am from LA LOL)

downtown Park City, HOT Chocolate, not enough to keep me warm:)

off to the Slopes!!!

my outfit for the flight, on the way back...early flight...
my pink ABERCROMBIE combo, sooo cute!

i enjoy plane rides a lot my fav magazines too:))
gimme all the gossip!

how cute is my ring
the Lucky Eye
perfect for the casual chic outfit!

and my own design- pink Lucky Eye charm bracelet
my accessory line will be launching in 2013
veryyyy cute stuff!

best way to carry my hair clips:)))

Thank you for reading my BLOG
i will see you very soon,


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