Sunday, February 10, 2013

this is how a SATURDAY NIGHT should be!!!

As a non clubber- my saturday nights can be a little 
non-eventfull sometimes...
I mean i go to the ICON Awards...Various Charity functions and Galas, with lots of Celebs...Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Morgan Freeman...(just to name a few)

:)))) you know what i mean...

But no Clubs :))
I like saying it because 

a) its true
b) i used to be a super clubber in my early 20s-me and my girlfriends; we used to have so much fun- it was unbelievable!

but now, it doesn't entertain me anymore...I am a whole different person...

So, anyways lets not get too carried away!!! back to the topic

this last saturday of mine was a good night- exactly my kind of night
well, it was the WINE FESTIVAL Gala for the Pacific Symphony- and given the fact that I don't drink alcohol- its a little funny, right?
so, not 100% my kind of night

but doesn't not matter because i still enjoyed it with my friends and the amazing contributors of the Pacific Symphony...

-I get so many messages about my hair and make-up, and i will post very detailed info about them in the following days= the hair and make-up ultimate FILE but now, i will talk about my outfit for the night a little bit...

AS, it was AMAZING

and you know what i realize: the less you show the more attractive you become!!!
its so true!
the latest trend with dresses have been: long length-long sleeves- no cleavage
if you were paying attention to the last couple of seasons- you know what i mean.

McQueen, ALAIA, Victoria Beckham, 
Zac Posen...etc...
few examples:

Alexander McQUEEN
Alexander McQueen

when you look at most their dresses:the very same concept; not short skirts with lots of legs showing instead- long length- and almost nothing shows 
and me:
i'm rockin the dress!
not very common for Emilio Pucci but i found an 
AMAZING Purple!!!
solid dress
(ah, i loveeeeeeee dark purple. its the best color for everybody- blonde/brunette...
my fav. color-no question about that)

and the way i put together this outfit is:
full purple on the topdress-purse-fur jacket...
like a one solid purple look

and than
the nude Louboutin pumps on the bottom

ah, so proud of it:))

plainness of the dress is amazing-but the details are even more amazing:
the Back-the buttons-the long zipper sleeves


my Nude Louboutins

I have a bunch of NUDE ones- different heights- this is the highest!!!
Highness 160mm Patent Calf
i am so in love with these- no words can describe

my purple Birkin
its 30cm- which is perfect for dresses
the color is Casiss- very unique color

the leather is NOT TOGO-looks very similar but different leather- harder than Togo and more unique but cant remember the name of it...
(i will ask the next time i am at Hermes and post it)

Guy Laroche- mini fur jacket...yes, its purple too:))


my accesories for the day- bracelets from Nordstroms, i kept them under neath the long sleeve

you can see the bracelets in this pic- also this is the finished blow dry look of my hair- but not the final look- 
this is the FINAL look: we decided to pin it on the side just a little- bit bec. it adds volume on the top also,

i was wearing GIANT fake eye lashes- so its good to have a little bit a a free space for your eye lashes to LASH :)))

i will go over my make-up in a minute but can you look at these eye-lashes. HOW sick is this!!!
they are ginormous and also they are purple+black
FAB!!!! no words, right!

(I have a very secret place where i get the one of a kind eye-lashes- but there are no secrets in this BLOG- so i will post about that place in my future BLOGS- promise! )

i am in love with my own eye-makeup+eye lashes:)))

this is a general look at the Ball Room...
it was a very nice event- and the food was amazing



I had a pro make-up session at SEPHORA earlier for that day
  Vanessa did my make-up

like i said before, I will have an amazing make-up post on the BLOG soon! but for now just want to go over quickly the products that she used

she did: mainly purple smokey eye- bronze highlights&contours, light-fresh make-up


i also wanted to talk about what goes inside the purse issue:)

this is all i had in mine for the night
lets start from the beginning:

my little SEPHORA event bag
i call it that bec. carry it with me only when i need specific things for that day

 perfect size- fits great inside

 now what i put in it depends on what i might need

for this one
I had my handy mirror

the Green Tea Blotting Paper-
this is extremely imp. as for example I got my make up done at 1 pm the event
is at 6- so what happens is that the make-up starts becoming moist and oily
hate that!!!
so i tab these paper sheets on my face very gently-it absorbs the oil from the make-up very well!

i take with me whatever lipgloss used for that day
and Tic Tacs-
 no way i can brush my teeth after eating dinner at the event
quick fix:)

 veryyy imp!

if you are wearing fake eye lashes to an event- you have to take the glue and the applicator with you!
there is always a change it might come off- maybe not completely but on the ends-the sides...happened to me before..
i always take them with me now

 2 most useful hair pins for me, always have to have spare ones

my TO Go Fragrance

now, it does not have to be the exact one you are wearing,
 its good to mix 2 perfumes together- so no matter what you are mainly wearing just take one with you for a quick fix!

i always ask for a sample perfume bottle- whenever i buy perfume or make-up
and collect them bec. they are perfect on the GO
you cant carry the huge bottle with you...
and sales people sometimes don't give you one automatically so go for it- ask for one...

this is my fav. sample bottle, AGENT PROVOCATEUR

i am obsessed with AGENT PROVOCATEUR!

for those of you who are not familiar with it, heres the website:


Thank you for reading my BLOG
see you very soon

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