Sunday, February 24, 2013


A week full of great Events- great Outfits- great Food 

that I will share with you as much as i can:

I have lived in so many different parts of the world...experienced different cultures...There is one thing or most cases more than one thing that i like about all cities...all places...

Thats why i always say that: living in one place full time is not for me...i have to be able to travel and experience things...experience new lifestyles...go into different zones and vibes and than come back home...

Home in this case is: LA!

LA is very different i would say...Looks different than it really is on the inside...

It can make someone really happy or really miserable...

its almost like there is no in between...well i can go on and on with my deep philosophy but to get back to the point without boring you is: LA in one eventful and colorful place!

so to begin with: The amazing Puccini's Tosca event ( this was actually in OC little outside of LA)
well, TOSCA is this amazing italian Opera, and for the opening night of it:
BVLGARI had this very exquisite event at their store.
Fallowed with an amazing dinner party with a lot of people from the BVLGARI company in ROMA

I have been to Roma and what a city, right!
OMG amazing!  back than, i was writing this monthly column for MAG magazine ( and i did a 3 month series about Roma about my trip and named it

A californian Girl in Roma
1. Italian guys2. Italian food
3. Italian monuments

it was fantastic! (little flashback)

so anyways...It was nice to chat with those ladies from Roma, during dinner.

Well, i don't think that i can say enough about BVLGARI- I Loveeeeeeeeee it!
Love the jewelry, watches, accessories, purses and of course the Hotels...

BVLGARI Bali is on my bucket list- A Must Visit!


back to the event:

I decided to wear my AMAZING!!! Rouland Mouret dress.
Rouland Mouret designs are so me- tight, simple chic, classic...just solid color, clean fashion statement!

this particular one called the Bubblegum dress is a limited edition he designed for Neiman Marcus-
i bought it when he came down to visit some of his lady fans- me LOL, here in the States... like 5 months ago...
Rouland Mouret and me at Neiman Marcus

if you are not familiar with his designs make sure to check them out!

this is my full outfit ( i wear it exactly the same every single time)
 my GUCCI- long gloves Suede- they are to die for!

 my Bottega Veneta clutch and the Bottega Veneta little wallet

 my Louboutin black patent Lady Peeps
I have so many black patent Louboutin's- people might think i wear the same shoe every single day:))

 i got these earrings are from Istanbul- no name but they look so classy its unbelievable!

and of course the Dress

i wear my UGG boots underneath- in the car until i get there:)))
my feet get cold very easily i have no choice

this is me- this time at the BVLGARI event

 some pics from the event:

i can win an Iconic Serpenti timepiece, when i shop at the store between March10th-31st
somebody has the winning card that will open the Serpenti Watch safe...maybe its me!!!
i will definitely keep you posted:)

me leaving with a little shopping:)))

from one Bubblegum dress to another Bubblegum dress

they are both called that-what a cute coincidence!!!

this is the Bubblegum dress of Gucci Spring 2013
i bought it on-line at
i continue to shop even when i am home
not good:)))

you can see a lot of dresses with this type of embroidery in GUCCI's new collection

although the Purple of the dress looks a little pale, the overall look is very BOLD-
 thats why i decided to combine it with my 
Purple highness Louboutins 

lovinnn it!


and now; 
its time for the TOSCA the OPERA

which i ended up going on Saturday night- the opening night was on Thursday after the BVLGARI event
but my BOX circle seats are on saturday...
thats why went on a different night

this is my outfit: YSL black top
Escada pants
Gucci gloves
i actually shouldn't say YSL its: Saint Laurent...i will miss you Y

right before the Opera started- Box circle reception area
 two thumbs up for my outfit!!!

at the Box circle

the concert was fantastic!

for those of you who love the opera like me,
heres a little info about TOSCA
 a must see!
Tosca (Italian pronunciation: [ˈtɔska]) is an opera in three acts by Giacomo Puccini to an Italian libretto by Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa. It premiered at the Teatro Costanzi in Rome on 14 January 1900. The work, based on Victorien Sardou's 1887 French-language dramatic play, La Tosca, is a melodramatic piece set in Rome in June 1800, with theKingdom of Naples's control of Rome threatened by Napoleon's invasion of Italy. It contains depictions of torture, murder and suicide, yet also includes some of Puccini's best-known lyrical arias, and has inspired memorable performances from many of opera's leading singers.

Puccini saw Sardou's play when it was touring Italy in 1889 and, after some vacillation, obtained the rights to turn the work into an opera in 1895. Turning the wordy French play into a succinct Italian opera took four years, during which the composer repeatedly argued with his librettists and publisher. Tosca premiered at a time of unrest in Rome, and its first performance was delayed for a day for fear of disturbances. Despite indifferent reviews from the critics, the opera was an immediate success with the public.
Musically, Tosca is structured as a through-composed work, with ariasrecitative, choruses and other elements musically woven into a seamless whole. Puccini used Wagnerianleitmotifs (short musical statements) to identify characters, objects and ideas. While critics have frequently dismissed the opera as a facile melodrama with confusions of plot—musicologist Joseph Kerman famously called it a "shabby little shocker"—the power of its score and the inventiveness of its orchestration have been widely acknowledged. The dramatic force of Tosca and its characters continues to fascinate both performers and audiences, and the work remains one of the most frequently performed operas. Many recordings of the work have been issued, both of studio and live performances.
it was an amazing experience for me!

i shouldn't even be talking about this but after the concert
this is what i end up eating :)))
greasy-delicous American BURGER!
I loveeeeeee In n Out
its my brother's fav. too!

Except for that big calorie day- i did really good with food this week
heres some of the things that i got hooked up on:
chicken dumplings at ANQUI, ANQUI is owned by CRUSTECEAN- amazing food!

this place is an another fav. of mine!

the decor is so interesting!
so yummmmm and so healthy- fresh lime juice with salted plums

a very important topic:
in other words, your writing tools

This is very important for your image...both ladies and men...

Because of the technology and all of the gadgets that we use for the last decade- hand writing and note papers and pens...etc..etc...lost their importance...

Well its ok to be very technological BUT lets not forget the importance the class and the elegance of owning and using nice stationary

heres mine:
 MONT BLANC Fountain Cartridge Pen
my cartridge color choice is Black

 i carry my pen inside this leather case, in my purse...
not everywhere i go...but mostly whenever i have my LV calendar with me
i have this LV calendar for 3 years-cant live without!

my pen is so classy!
 my initials are engraved on the pen

 and my note papers...
I like to take the time and hand write Thank YOU notes or invitations

well, of course if i need more than 5 invitations than i get it printed but lets say that you are inviting your girl friends over for tea party- than i would write hand written invitations to them
so classy!

Cartier stationary is really good! 
a lot of nice choices and designs

Thank You for reading my BLOG
see you veryyy soon

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