Friday, February 1, 2013

another outfit DE success!

I was at the Classic Music Lecture lunch- about MOZART Requiem- held by the Pacific Symphony...

Amazing day, so is my outfit!!!

lets break it down, shall we:

started with the make-up. i did a great job:)
look at my eyebrows-to die
my new palette was extremely helpful- it makes all the difference when you are applying make-up- prevents from excessive color or product on the skin, gives a more professional finish 

LOVIN the work i have done LOL

and than the outfit selection:
begins with a cute pair of socks

my amazing FOX etoile

my new boots- i preferred the SUEDE ones...they also come in leather. and many other limited versions...but those have too much color in them- i like the solid black!

the exact name of the boots

my new HERMES Medor clutch
loveeeeee this one

when i use my clutches i switch to this mini wallet. BOTTEGA VENETA

it fits perfect- my other big one wouldn't should most certainly have a mini wallet for your clutches!

had a great day,

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