Sunday, September 15, 2013

SUMMER; redefined, relived, reloved

Summer is Over
one Eventfull-Colorfull-Joyfull summer for me
I have been away for so long:( 
realized how much i missed writing my BLOG and sharing the good times with my readers

lets begin:

the most fun i had this summer
lots and lots of Press coverage! 
here are some of them:

                                                                   me and mommy:)
 me and mommy:)

me and Paris:)

 me and Paris:)
in fact, Paris has been all over the press this summer, almost more than me LOL


Another best part of Summer is of course Parties!
well, when i say parties i am referring to my mom's Party EVENTS that she had at 2 of her houses for her lady friends

(the concept would be a little different than you might imagine)
 they were both FAB!

some of our prep pics.
-i dont have pictures from during the events because believe it or not we were so busy as hosts, i literally had no time to take pics of her lovely friends, decors or the delicious food

our Turkish Coffee cups from the store; Haremlique

the tray design that i did for my moms end table in her living room

FAB entrance

my moms second house in BODRUM- Turkbuku
how GORG is the view

the glimpse of the living room in BODRUM- Turkbuku

My Make-up artist Mustafa Revan did my make-up before the event
he is an amazing person!
I looked so fresh and pretty, loveeed it
eyes-very defined but the rest very soft and floaty 
(we are in my moms formal dining room)

my make-up is done, but still need to put on my hair extensions
NEVER without them LOL


ok, so back to BODRUM- Turkbuku

our Lovely Friend MERAL YAZICI invited us over for dinner at her house in Turkbuku

She is so amazing with table decorations and cooking!
Since she travels back and forth to many parts of Europe especially to Paris throughout the year,
you would be swept off of your feet with her recipes

Always a great pleasure for me
here are some pics for you
Meral Yazici
always a fashionista

Meral's Lavender pot design

Turkish Tea

Fresh grilled Veggie Sandwiches
Meral's table decor was with lots of Turquoise accents and detailing
Perfect Concept and Color for Summer in Bodrum

this is Meral's secret recipe dish
its homemade Onion Quiche 
everything is from scratch
it was so delicious i believe i had like 4 slices, OMG

the presentation of these little Cheese Muffins are to die for
its so traditional and elegant

another secret recipe of Meral; Plum Tarte
 with organic hand picked plums that she gets from the local farmers market
it is just extremely delicous!

How gorgeous is this presentation!
green and turquoise 
very Mediterranean

and the infamous Orange Cake
This presentation was may fav!
How beautiful is this!!!

the colors... the concept... the plater...
this is one of the prettiest combinations i have ever seen in my life

and Merals' HERMES Oran sandals
just FAB!!!

it was a lovely evening 
Meral has always been a great host and a great homemaker

Thank You for this amazing dinner
we love you


speaking of Farmers Markets 
the ones in Bodrum are very famous 
 i have gathered some pics for you
you will love them:

me and mommy:)

this is actually from the Begendik store, had to pic it!

so, after going to all these Farmers Markets in Bodrum
its time to make some homemade Jelly
now this is my moms specialty
we made 2 kinds this summer
strawberry and apricot

first step is to add enough sugar

than you start boiling the fruit and the sugar mix
its imp. to remove the bubbles that form on the top of the mix
(so its good to keep an eye during this process)

than leave them under the sun to dry and absorb the juices and become your jelly at breakfast
-how long; is up to how juicy you prefer it to be and depends on how your mix is
dont forget: this is homemade so it can never be as chunky and heavy as the ones you buy at the stores...


PIC MIX of what is going on lately:

 admiring the jewelry that i got from Istanbul

Turtle time- Desert Hot Springs 

 growing LEMONS, loveeeeeeee

 selfie with my new pj's from Victoria's Secret 

 my weekly flower bouquet design for the kitchen from Trader Joe's- the best

 wanna have it!

took Paris with me to my hair salon, Chris McMillan, Beverly Hills

hosted a dinner party for my friends from France
what was for dessert: Sprinkles Cupcakes YAY!!!

my moms friend Nurdan Acar came and stayed with us in Bodrum
we had the best time ever!!!
She is incredibly charming and lovely
this is from our -last night- dinner at Cipriani restaurant in Palmarina Bodrum

we will miss u NURDAN

last but not the least
my FABULOUS ZAC POSEN GOWN that i wore for Nazli Yazici Sert's wedding


The Grand FINALE


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  1. I came across your fabulous blog by accident. What a life you are living! I'd be lying if I said i wasn't a tad jealous of your lifestyle. :) If you can afford to live a luxurious life, why not do it though. Good for you! BTW, I am originally from Ankara(Bahcelievler),Turkey too, but I've been living in the States since I married a US military officer which was a long time ago. Well, he's an ex now. :) I love reading your blog, but I only wish it included more pictures from beautiful Turkey.

    1. Hello,

      Thank You very much for the nice thoughts

      Very flattered that you like my BLOG

      I feel the same way, will definitely be taking and publishing more pictures of beautiful Turkey on my next visit,

      Best Wishes to you,