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SUNSET in MAUI, my magical island

I decided to call MAUI my magical island, because so many amazing things happened to me during my stay there

some i can not share here LOL 

i will share the unbelievable travel experience
and the best recommendations you can possibly find

total Island girl mood
on the beach:)

first: where did i stay?
ANDAZ Maui at Wailea
the living room of my one bedroom suite at ANDAZ Maui, Wailea

did I like it there?
well, the location of the hotel is the best...close to the Four Seasons...kind of like the same view and on the very same shore...which is good!

the hotel itself i am a little undecided to be really honest

the room- i absolutely loved...i was the first one to stay there :))) because they just opened it...but also the decor and the simplicity but at the same time beauty of it was great!


for some reason i expected the hotel to be a ZEN place...very quiet...very peaceful...lots of relaxation with the great view and the sound of the ocean...

unfortunately couldn't get that at all...see it has the decoration and overall felling to it but it was simply just too laud everywhere:(((

you would feel like you were in a crowded resort instead of a nice and quiet exclusive SPA hotel...

it was very disappointing for me. 

another disappointment was the room service:(((

for me; vacation is all about the room service and convenience of things...

ANDAZ didn't have that...especially when they refuse to sell bottle water( which i prefer drinking) and make you go to these water stations and fill out your bottles...

I am all for recycling and the nature!

heres the website that i find very helpful actually:

but can i just get a little bit of slack when i am on vacation from my very busy work schedule, PLEASE:((( Can i please just have some bottle water:(((

-I am certainly not this person who writes bad reviews about hotels- but those are truly how i felt about ANDAZ Maui- so wanted to share... thats all

now moving on to the good stuff


-these little markets that you can see just passing by in the car are Phenomenal!

the best way to taste the real naturally grown- i can't remember all the names of these exotic goodies-sorry:((( but just eat whatever you can...thats what i did LOL

the best BREAKFAST place in the world!
yes, thats right
i said it
the best breakfast in the world, and i have been all over you know:)))


looks like a very regular/casual little cottage restaurant
tell you the truth i wasn't impressed at all when i first walked in, to order


these are just a few pics of what i have eaten
in fact i ate all my breakfast there during my stay; 6 days in a row LOL
beyond good- beyond delicious

wont even make specific food ordering recommendations because simply everything is just good, and i mean everything!

even the big breakfast pastries and the whipped cream coffee which i never eat or drink in my regular life, LOL 

some random pics: 
non alcohol Pina Colada, yummm

very interesting island truck
crystal sugar
island selfie
the actual hazel of colors on the beach

one of my many LEI FLOWER looks


time for some HIKING

I dont call MAUI the magical island for no reason
its like you can experience every aspect of life and nature on just one island


ROAD to HANNAH is the other side of the island where you get to experience the jungle like forests, hidden trails, waterfalls, amazing natures, history, mother nature, green, existence, etc...etc...

best way to experience this is; to actually buy a road to HANNAH CD and listen to it so it can direct you step by step, while driving in your car...i know it kinda sounds confusing right now, but these CDs are so helpful and well put together, it will be an enormous help...

now there is of course these hidden trails where you can find them by chance:

this is a picture that i took of a hidden trail i found that was not on the cd, lucky me

i am hiking in my pink t-shirt and Hello Kitty bag LOL

look what i found!!!
this little waterfall is hidden in the middle of a forest where you would have never guessed, FANTASTIC
(thanks to the CD)

this is a funny pic of me where i think i can help my balance with that little stick LOL

road to Hannah continues.
and this is my lunch for that day,
being a good girl :)))

ok some other thing thats is amazing:
there are all these fruit stands where there is no people attending them!?!
the prices are listed, so you can pick what you like and than put the money in the box and than leave

i dont know where to start describing how amazing this is!

first of all the fruits are purely organic and from their own backyards and gardens, yummmmmmm
and you are just being trusted enough to pay for what you get, with no surveillance
and everything is very reasonably priced
the fruit stand, with no sales person:)))
loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it
so when you visit HANNAH, buy their real homegrown products, respect the system pay up and enjoy
Life is GOOD :)

Coconut Glen's 

real, homemade. fresh, coconut ice-cream

or fresh coconut juice

next stop is the Black Sand Beach

which is also a national park with camping areas...
Truly impossible for me explain this place so i suggest you just look it up and go there the first change you get..

the nature in here is beyond description
and the beach that is formed by the real LAVA from Volcanoes
have no words

in this area, there is also the legendary princess's cave

heres a little bit more info:
Take in a day at Wai’anapanapa, a beautiful state park just outside of Hana. Named “glistening waters” in Hawaiian, this spot features a natural stone arch, a blowhole and hiking along two sections of the old King’s Highway.

A fresh water pool, located in a cave within the park, is the subject of a tragic Hawaiian legend, the place where beautiful princess Popo’alaea fled to hide from her cruel husband. While searching for her, his men saw her reflection in the pool. Popo’alaea’s husband dove into the pool, entered the cave, and killed the princess. To this day, the pool’s water is said to turn red on the anniversary of her death.
Permits are required for camping in Wai’anapanapa. For more information, contact the Hawai’i State Office Building at 54 S. High St., Wailuku, (808) 984-8100.
let me tell you this:
I really believe in this legend, and Princess Popoalaea
I really believe that all of those things happened
I really want to go back to her cave, very soon
Love you, Princess Popoalaea


now i am on the other side of the island, which is completely off country
different weather, different climate, different nature, different landscape

everything was completely different
its like being in a different place all of a sudden
and here I am,
 on God knows how much altitude 
having this
Real GRASS FED, fresh beef burgers
in the middle of no where, 
inside this burger shack

the Burger shack

the next day, off to another really high altitude

my BMW X5 that i was renting for this trip, unfortunately was not a 4 wheel drive so had to stop at this point...
gettin a 4X4 next time :(

which is a big loss for me because the nature and the trees literally turned into copper red on the way up it was beyond belief...i wish i could have gone up more...

real LAVA, from the Volcanoes

the famous LAVENDER Gardens of MAUI on the top of the mountain

back to the beach, shall we
paddle boarding pro
no, actually not...
first time learning

but before energy boost with this amazing drink

fast learner, but takes time:)))
i did really do it in the end

the best exercise for upper legs and thighs
higly recommend it!


MAMA"S fish house 
a beach restaurant Gem

this is the entrance of the greatest FRESH fish you will eat in your life
REAL FRESH, from the ocean to your plate Sea Food

the seafood sevice and frilled octopus

fish soup

well, everything must come to an end...even the best things in life
there are so many other things that i couldn't write about because it would take me days
i hope all of you can enjoy this beautiful, magical island one day
back to LA
UNITED Airlines, first class: super for LA-MAUI
got my magazines, got my pills, got my arm candies
ready to go home
will miss you,mucks


took a long break from writing new posts as; it has been a very busy time for me
Feels good to be sharing again

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Thank You for reading my BLOG

Beril Akcay

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