Tuesday, January 29, 2013

i bought make-up today, again!!!

not a day goes by without me buying new make-up stuff...

its absolutely out of control.

I actually went to MAC to get my special eye lashes... 

i call them special because they are Double Stacked, meaning: 

i wear two eye lashes on top of one another at once...i want to try 3- now how would that look(((:

There are so many other celebs doing the same thing- i will try to find pics and post here so you can see...

ok, so found one:

Lilly Ghalichi-from the show Shahs of Sunset
I loveee her style-look at the lashes!
actually she has her own eye lash line- which is launching soon- i will start getting hers 

back to MAC, oh yes I buy #2 and #3 and get them double stacked there- they would need to be cut to fit to your eye lashes length wise...

my eye lashes are to die for!!!

look how sick it is...AMAZING!!! this is when its double stacked!!!

I also got MAC studio Finish Concealer- well i have so many different kinds of concealers but this one is the stick one- and supposedly you must put the stick one and then apply the liquid one on we will see what happens... I will post pics of it once i try to do that. my concealer is NM20

i didn't buy the brush that the make up artist recommended because I have one zillion brushes, so will use one that i had from before...I saved money:)))

my new concealer and the old brush. the brush is Sephora pro line- 45

Also this new palette that they had... How amazing is that! this palette is crucial when it comes to putting your make-up bec. you dont want to apply eye shadow or others directly from the case to your face- its a huge mistake- 

you have to put it on the palette and then get a tiny portion on the brush and than apply... there needs to be a more serious tutorial on this- i will post more details when i use it in the future

the palette

after the make up mania, worked out a little bit fallowed by a 50 minute sports was Amazing...
SPA-very sporty look

before saying goodbye for tonite- I also want to talk about fragrances a little bit...

I have been a CREED girl, for a long time...tried a lot of them... including the LOVE in white one...

and now I have the Acqua it! smells amazing....loveee the bottles but 

the fragrance it self is so soft and does not really come out all around you, stink the room kind of parfume...i think i am switching to TOM FORD for the next one...thats supposed to be crazy heavy smelling...thats what i want...will keep you posted...

the one i have now!

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