Monday, January 28, 2013

todays picks...mostly HERMES!

todays outfit was another big success LOL

this is the main part of the outfit i would say...

its an amazing cape; Helena Berman London- bought it at Nordstroms...FAB!!!

my Hermes boots ( they are called jumping boots)color is Etube- i am absolutely in loveeeeee with these!

my Hermes Evelyn bag in Gold
i can just carry it on all day long- will get more colors...maybe red and black

the white is an Hermes pullover

Patchwork knit pullover

Hermes boatneck pullover in off-white patchwork knit

and the Hermes scarf

my Hermes leather bracelets- just FAB!!!
i always wear them in 3s...

like i said before; it was a nice Hermes day...(:

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